Nanomaterials Research and Manufacturing

Nano- Silver, Copper and Bismuth
Colloidal Concentrated 10,000 PPM
Particles Size 10-40 nm

About Our Company

Nanomaterials Research and Manufacturing Since 1992
Since its establishment in 1992 NVKF 'Universal' has been researching and developing advanced nanomaterials with the unique antimicrobial properties.

In 2020 Company received a fresh start with the new investor and commercial team enhancing manufacturing capabilities and beginning worldwide export.

Our Products

Wholesale supply of colloidal Nanoparticles of Silver, Copper and Bismuth
Why Choose Us?
  • 30 Years of Experience
    Own research and manufacturing capabilities, 30 years of experience
  • Bespoken Solutions
    Focus on customer needs, bespoken solutions
  • Unique Offers
    Mixed Copper & Silver nanoparticles, Bismuth NPs and other unique offers
  • Solvents Choice
    Distilled water and DMSO solvents are available
  • 10000 PPM Concentration
    Highly concentrated form (10000 ppm) for transportation worldwide
  • Adding to Your Material
    Mixing with other materials at any stage of your manufacturing process, helping to develop the optimal solutions
Innovative Outlook and Courage to Make Change
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We operate via offices in Germany and Ukraine

NVKF 'Universal'
6 Kanatna Street
Ukraine (we are still open!)
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