Company overview

Our company NVKF 'Universal' has been researching and manufacturing high quality concentrated Nano- Silver, Copper and Bismuth since 1992. We have numerous patents, accreditations, successful tests and case studies for the innovative nanomaterials we manufacture. In 2020 our company received a fresh start with the new investor and commercial team enhancing manufacturing capabilities and beginning worldwide trade. Our sales strategy is to develop wholesale export globally via trusted partners who are our distributors or use our concentrated raw nanomaterials for the production of their own products.

Brief history

Milestones of our history:
Our company was founded engaging in nanomaterials research and manufacturing, numerous patents were registered and certifications passed, sales focus on the domestic market only
New CEO and commercial team with the extensive international experience came to modernise the business and shift commercial focus onto the global markets, the company model changed to startup one
New production lines, new products developed (5000 and 10000 ppm, Bismuth and Mixed NPs), export was begun
New geography of customers: EU countries, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Chile, South Africa, Jordan, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Meet Our Leaders
It is people who run innovative companies and create amazing products
Dmytro Honcharov
Head Of Sales, Project Manager

MBA, Loughborough University, UK

20 years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience in start-ups

Volodymyr Koltsov
Chief Technologist, Inventor

PhD Natural Sciences, Associate Professor, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

Over 30 years of nanomaterials research and manufacturing

Peter Souslenskii

BSc Business, University of San Francisco, USA

20 years of entrepreneurial experience designing and launching large scale projects

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