Instructions for our product

Application options and instructions for UNIVERSAL 10000 ppm:

For household use for disinfection:

- treatment of wounds, abrasions, burns;

- treatment of problematic skin (blackheads, acne)

- processing of face masks

- removal of unpleasant foot odor (treatment of socks, shoes)

- storing toothbrushes in solution

- air disinfection during humidification

- surface disinfection during cleaning

- use in vaginal relapses

- treatment of habitats for domestic animals.

Dilution up to 50 ppm:

1) For 6 liters. active solution: Universal 30 ml + water 6000 ml.

2) For 1 liter. active solution: Universal 1 teaspoon + 1000 ml water

3) For 100ml. Active solution: Universal 10 drops + 100 ml of water

When diluted with distilled water, the shelf life is 2 years.

When diluted with tap water, the shelf life is up to 72 hours.

Store in a tightly closed container out of direct sunlight.

Do not use with an antibiotic.

Consult your physician before use if you are taking other medications.

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sanitation and disinfection of air, surfaces and water
Antimicrobial applications against viruses, bacteria, fungi in crops and other plants production as well as in animal welfare
Coatings with antimicrobial properties such as paint, varnish, ink, other coatings for various products
Cosmetics, preservatives, materials restoration, textiles, materials with antimicrobial properties etc
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